Competency Profiles

Competency profiles are continuing to grow in popularity for a good reason, they can truly serve as a valuable HR tool, for all stages of the employment relationship. It helps to identify the skills, abilities, and knowledge needed by employees to be successful in their particular job, level, field of expertise, or even their organization and its culture. Competencies Profiles help you to consistently select the right candidates, establish training and personal development requirements, manage and measure performance, and build succession.

There are many options out there when it comes to competencies, their development, and application. Let us help guide you through the complexities of implementing competencies in your organization so that they align with your culture, and are integrated into other HR programs and initiatives.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Developing a competency integration plan
  • Identifying competencies specific to your organization, its functions, and positions
  • Creation of a Master Competency Dictionary for your organization
  • Establishing Leadership, Functional, Technical and other types of competencies
  • Training for Managers and Staff