Employee Engagement & Retention

What are the signs that your employees are engaged, or disengaged?
What is normal employee attrition?
Why are my employees leaving after only a few months?
Why is my team so negative? Why other teams so productive and mine is not?
What is employee engagement anyway?

Yes, we hear these questions a lot. Seriously… we do!

Employee engagement can mean a number of different things to different people, but mostly it speaks to whether your employees take ownership in the quality of their work (even when you are not around), and care about the organizations success enough to make decisions day-to-day that are for the greater good.
Engaged employees tend to stay, and perform, and build good-will, and do no harm. And these are the types of employees you want to keep.

So what are you, as the employer / manager doing to ensure your employees are engaged, and want to stay? Well there are some simple things you can do, but they are often not enough – and when that happens, you need a plan, and you need insight, and you sometimes need guidance.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Employee engagement or satisfaction surveys
  • Developing an engagement strategy and plan
  • Evaluating your people practices to see if they are indeed best-practices
  • Putting great programs in-place
  • Helping to understand if you are competitive in your market
  • Attracting and selecting employees who are the right-fit