Government Contracting Vehicles

tap Strategy and HR Consulting is a qualified vendor under the ProServices and TSPS vendor programs with the Government of Canada. We are qualified under a large number of Streams that can serve the needs of your organization, agency or department.

Stream 4 – (B) Business Services

Categories (All Levels):

4.5 Business Process re-engineering (BPR) Consultant

4.7 Business Transformation Architect

4.6 Call Centre Consultant

Stream 5 – (P) Project Management Services

Categories (All Levels):

5.1 Change Management Consultant

5.3 HR Consultant

5.4 Organizational Development Consultant

Stream 8 – Human Resources Services

Categories (All Levels):

8.1 Human Resources Consultant

8.2 Organizational Design and Classification Consultant

8.6 HR Information System Consultant

8.7 Leadership Development Consultant

8.8 Staffing Consultant

8.9 HR Policy Development Consultant

8.10 HR Assistant Consultant

Stream 9 – Business Consulting / Change Management

Categories (All Levels):

9.3 Business Consultant

9.4 Organization Development Consultant

9.5 Business Process Consultant

9.6 Change Management Consultant

9.15 Facilitator Consultant

Stream 10 – Project Management Services

Categories (All Levels):

10.1 Project Administrator

10.2 Project Manager

10.3 Project Leader/Executive

10.4 Project Planner

TSPS Supply Arrangement (SA) and Standing Offer (SO) category Streams

Stream 1. Human Resources Services

Categories (All Levels):

1.1 Human Resources Consultant

1.2 Organizational Design and Classification Consultant

1.6 HR Information System Consultant

1.7 Leadership Development Consultant

1.8 Staffing Consultant

1.9 HR Policy Development Consultant

1.10 HR Assistant Consultant

Stream 2. Business Consulting / Change Management Services

Categories (All Levels):

2.3 Business Consultant

2.4 Organization Development Consultant

2.5 Business Process Consultant

2.6 Change Management Consultant

2.15 Facilitator Consultant

As well, our firm, and all consultants hold elevated security clearances, making it easy for you to move through the contracting process.