ICT / Technology

Our team has extensive experience working in and supporting technology companies, from the small start-up to the multi-national giant. We understand the culture and we understand what is needed.

As a small start-up you need the basics in place to attract the right talent, you need a workforce plan to help you manage growth, you need to remain competitive while not breaking the bank, you need guidance on how to manage within legislative guidelines, and you need infrastructure such as employment contracts, job descriptions and policies.

Perhaps you are a cross-border business with satellite offices in Canada and need Canadian HR advice, or someone to help you navigate Canadian requirements, or even act as your local HR team with on-demand or part-time support – we have been doing that successfully for years.

Whether help is needed for a small project, large scale changes, on-site part-time expertise, or simple advice for the challenges you are facing, our team is ready and made up of specialists in strategic and workforce planning, and are experts in all areas of HR – and we understand the challenges you face. We work with your current team to deliver the results you are looking for and can help you navigate your way to success.

tap into our expertise for:

Perhaps you are well established and have some of these basic necessities in place but are facing a challenge and need advice? We are just a phone call away with over the phone support, when you need it, with experienced experts ready to help.

Are you in need of a basic toolkit to help get you started – we offer HR in a Box!

Looking for Workplace Policies? We have cost effective tools to make it happen, quickly and easy – visit our Resources and check out our solutions!