Job / Work Description Writing

Ah, the dreaded job description. The HR tool everyone loves to hate.

Well, we don’t hate them (we don’t love them either). But we do write them, and we do a good job at it too.

We will work with your team to develop job descriptions that are custom to your organization, reflect the real work to be accomplished, and meet your purpose.

Whether you are a large corporation, small business, a not-for-profit, or Governmental organization in need of meeting employee, structural, or Board directives… job descriptions help organizations of all types and size clarify roles, classify jobs, determine pay, prepare for job postings, develop competencies, and measure performance.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Assist you in writing job descriptions
  • Determine overall responsibilities and desired outcomes for the role
  • Identify competencies needed in a position
  • Establish qualifications needed for recruiting and selection

Special for Governmental Clients:

  • Organizational design to determine suitable structure and work break-down
  • Determining the competencies needed in a position
  • Write work descriptions that will achieve desired group and level
  • Writing of generic work descriptions
  • Write justifications and rationales
  • Developing Statement of Merit Criteria (SOMC)

We have members on our team who fulfil requirements in the following areas:

  • Treasury Board Classification Accreditation Certification
  • Experience in writing Work Descriptions for AR, AS, CS, EC, ENG, EX, EL, FI, GT, GL, GS, HP, IS, LA, LES, MT, PC, PM, PE, and PG categories.