Peter Frauley, CEC, PCC, Senior Associate & Certified Executive Coach

Peter has been coaching and consulting with both individual and corporate clients since 1991. Prior to entering the coaching industry, Peter worked in the financial services sector and managed the accounts of numerous financial and commercial organizations. He specializes in executive coaching, career coaching, business coaching, career transition and assessments.

Peter is skilled at exploring clients’ strengths, developmental areas, preferences, leadership style and organizational fit. He is known for his ability to quickly build trust and create a highly supportive yet, challenging, environment. Peter has extensive experience working with the public and private sectors including: government, education, financial services, consulting, information technology, manufacturing, health care, and telecom.

Peter’s many years of experience are augmented by a Bachelor of Administration from Concordia University and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University. He also holds a PCC designation from the International Coaching Federation. He is certified to deliver a wide range of assessment tools to increase self-awareness in coaching, career transition and leadership development.
Peter is an active volunteer and has served as a mentor to many Internationally Educated Professionals. He is highly committed to meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations and takes great pride in coaching clients to achieve transformative personal and professional growth.

As well as running his own consulting practice, Peter joined the tap Strategy and HR Consulting team as a Sr. Associate in 2011.