Succession Planning

Planning for the future success of your business means having the right people in-place who have the abilities, knowledge and fit. Often those people are current employees who you want to develop to be your future stars, or future leaders. This is what succession planning is all about – identifying and developing your future stars.

Too often managers spend 80% of their time on their 20% lowest performers. What does that lead to?…loss of your best people, often because they are wanting your guidance, your time, your investment in them and their future, and they are not getting it.

If you have succession planning in-place in your business, large or small, you’ve figured out who your stars are and you have established a plan to develop them to their full potential. Not only will this help to retain them, but they become more productive and it frees up your time to do other things – they payback is built-in.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Develop a workforce plan (
  • Create a succession plan that identified your stars and sets out a plan to develop them
  • Create performance feedback systems (
  • Provide leadership and performance coaching (4.3.5)
  • Learning and development programs (

Are you a Public Sector leader and want to institute a succession planning program. It’s not impossible, and we can help! (link to 4.2.3)