As the founders of tap Strategy and HR Consulting, both Theresa Harrison (Director of Consulting Services) and I have had the opportunity to speak to many business leaders, owners and employees over the years, from all types and sizes of organizations – when they find out that we are HR professionals, in many cases the topic eventually turns to the HR successes, issues or challenges their organizations face, or the beefs employees have about the companies they work for.

We have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients over the years under our predecessor company – Weippert HR Solutions, and have always been acutely aware of the void that seemed to exist when it came to companies being able to deliver on the many HR based demands placed upon them. In a majority of cases, it wasn’t that they didn’t have the desire to “do things right”, but rather they didn’t have to knowledge, resources or time to get them done. Businesses naturally place their emphasis on their customers and delivering their products; this isn’t new, it has always been that way, and HR has always taken a back-seat to these other operational necessities.

Well the struggle to find and keep the right employees in an ever-increasing environment of expectations, whether by customers or employees with many other options available to them, social media platforms that widely expose opinions and views, or legislative requirements. It is here to stay, and it is getting so much more complex – business leaders and owners are left pulling their hair out.

That was the inspiration for tap! We wanted to ensure that there was simple to access expertise that business leaders, owners, HR professionals, and those who have a need for business support and services could easily tap into.

tap into our expertise so you can tap into your talent and your potential… check us out! We offer a full-range of Strategic, HR and Coaching services.

Bruce Weippert is the co-founder and president of tap Strategy & HR Consulting,
a boutique-style management consulting firm specializing in strategy, HR services and coaching.