Team Building

Team building isn’t an exact art, and although many managers and team leaders understand the basics, sometimes the occasional team lunch, pub night, Friday afternoon bowling, or summer picnic just doesn’t cut it.

Why are your efforts not paying off? Why can’t everyone just get along?

Again, there isn’t a firm recipe. Teamwork and collaboration takes effort, and a plan that is custom to your organizations culture, purpose, and sometimes policies, and most often, the managers communication style and actions.

We can help you better understand those drivers, and what may be contributing to, or hindering your success. We can also arm you with some basic tools and knowledge to make the changes, or maintain the outcomes you want to see.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Perform Employee Surveys to determine issue and drivers
  • Audit of your current practices and policies
  • Integrate team building and collaboration practices, programs and measures
  • Facilitate team building sessions
  • Design collaborative work spaces
  • Set up rewards and recognition systems
  • Train and coach managers