Termination Preparation & Implementation

Ending employment is a tough task, regardless if it as a result of performance, fit, undesirable behaviour, shortage of work, or any other reason. It isn’t an easy or pleasant task, but none-the-less, one that sometimes needs to be carried out.

If your other measures have not given you the results you are seeking, don’t go it alone. We can offer you the guidance and advice to do it right, do it with dignity (for all), and significantly reduce the chances of litigation or complaints filed due to legislative or legal breaches.

Just paying them 2-weeks and giving them a ROE (the most common termination “activities” I hear about), is a recipe for getting you in trouble. Let us navigate you through what is required, and also help you determine if terminating or laying-off your employee is the right thing to do at this time…there may be other options.

We can help you with process, how to have the discussion (what and what-not to say), how to treat them, and how to care for the rest of your team afterwards. We can even arrange to be there when it happens.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Expert guidance on how to prepare for and carry out the termination
  • Preparation of the required tools and documentation
  • Coaching on how to have a termination discussion
  • Being present during the termination
  • Prevention and mitigation techniques for future consideration

Need advice but your office is out of town? Tight budget and want to ensure your plan of action is the right one?

Are you a cross-border business with satellite offices in Canada and need Canadian termination advice?

We are just a phone call away with over the phone support, when you need it, with experienced experts ready to help.