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So what are your questions or business challenges?

How do I build a strategic plan for my business?

As the popular saying goes, “Today, the only certainty is continuing uncertainty”. This is so true when it comes to running a business, there are countless ways your business can be affected by things that are outside your control – however there are many aspects of running a business that are within your control. That takes planning - and this is where having an integrated strategy will greatly increase your likelihood of success.

Developing a business strategy (or an HR strategy for that matter) can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task. It can easily get stalled by time constraints, too narrow of a perspective, or the over-influence of one or two individuals.

Our team can help navigate you through the process with an objective view and ensure your strategy integrates with other parts of the business and your vision.

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What is an HR plan and how do I build one?

Success doesn’t happen by accident, and “winging-it” could mean missed opportunities and lost profits.

You want to have the right people caring for your business, regardless if they are front-line dealing with clients/customers, working the production line, or making your organization tick from the inside…handling your books, managing projects or designing your next great thing.

When do you need to hire them?
Where do you find them?
How much do you pay them?
How are you going to motivate them?
What training do they need?
Who is going to supervise them? and
How are you going to keep them?

All of this takes planning – a workforce plan.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Guide you through the planning process
  • Help you figure out answers to those tough questions
  • Set HR goals, and plans to achieve them
  • Develop workforce plans that integrated with your business plans
Do I have the right organizational structure?

This is an area of specialty for us.

At some point, all organizations either mature or need to rethink their business model, your process, grow, shrink, or change… and as we all know, one size does not fit all!

There is nothing that reaps havoc on your team more than change; however change is normally a business necessity, even a business tool – so do it carefully and do it right. Whether you need assistance to navigate your way to a successful organizational design that works for your business, change internal processes, work distribution, or even change the work culture…this is where we can help.

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Why don’t my employees seem to stay around for long?

What are the signs that your employees are engaged, or disengaged?
What is normal employee attrition?
Why are my employees leaving after only a few months?
Why is my team so negative? Why other teams so productive and mine is not?
What is employee engagement anyway?

Yes, we hear these questions a lot. Seriously… we do!

Employee engagement can mean a number of different things to different people, but mostly it speaks to whether your employees take ownership in the quality of their work (even when you are not around), and care about the organizations success enough to make decisions day-to-day that are for the greater good.

Engaged employees tend to stay, and perform, and build good-will, and do no harm. And these are the types of employees you want to keep.

So what are you, as the employer / manager doing to ensure your employees are engaged, and want to stay? Well there are some simple things you can do, but they are often not enough – and when that happens, you need a plan, and you need insight, and you sometimes need guidance.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Employee engagement or satisfaction surveys
  • Developing an engagement strategy and plan
  • Evaluating your people practices to see if they are indeed best-practices
  • Putting great programs in-place
  • Helping to understand if you are competitive in your market
  • Attracting and selecting employees who are the right-fit
I spend more time managing employees’ performance than I do managing my business, is this normal?

You can almost see managers and HR staff alike sinking into their chairs or under their desks when the topic of performance reviews or managing employee performance comes up. Few like to do it, and fewer know how to do it.

Ignoring performance issues does not make them go away, if anything they simply multiply, and ultimately your best employees are the ones to leave. This is often due to a lack of structured, easy to understand programs, and the absence of training. The best way to avoid these problems is to have proactive programs in place, and a solid, yet adaptable plan for dealing with issues as they arise.

Give us a call and we can help you set up quality programs to help ensure you are on the right path.

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What are competencies?

Competency profiles are continuing to grow in popularity for a good reason, they can truly serve as a valuable HR tool, for all stages of the employment relationship. It helps to identify the skills, abilities, and knowledge needed by employees to be successful in their particular job, level, field of expertise, or even their organization and its culture. Competencies Profiles help you to consistently select the right candidates, establish training and personal development requirements, manage and measure performance, and build succession.

There are many options out there when it comes to competencies, their development, and application. Let us help guide you through the complexities of implementing competencies in your organization so that they align with your culture, and are integrated into other HR programs and initiatives.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Developing a competency integration plan
  • Identifying competencies specific to your organization, its functions, and positions
  • Creation of a Master Competency Dictionary for your organization
  • Establishing Leadership, Functional, Technical and other types of competencies
  • Training for Managers and Staff
Do my managers need coaching?

To some, leadership just comes naturally, for most, it’s a learned skill.

When leaders, or aspiring leaders are looking to be better at what they do, improve their communications skills, apply their abilities in a different area, or to prepare for their next role, there are often few resources in their organizations that they can reach out to for guidance or advice, regardless of the reason.

This is where professional coaching can be of great value – independent and professional advice, shared in confidence with a trusted advisor. tap Strategy and HR Consulting has a number of professionally trained and certified coaches on our team who can help you achieve the personal growth you are looking for.

Our coaching services are available to corporations, small business owners, and individuals looking to get the most out of their personal careers.

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I want to be successful in my interview, will coaching help?

Affordable – Effective

Do you wish you could have done better in executive competitions?

Are there ways to increase your chances of passing the first candidate screening level?

Can you improve your performance in exams and interviews and act with comfort and confidence?

The answer is a resounding YES.

We provide coaching services to prepare people for job competitions primarily in federal government departments and agencies. We do not guarantee you will win every competition but we can work with you to present your knowledge, skills and experience in ways that increase your chances of being seen as a highly credible candidate.

Through one-on-one coaching and information from previous competitive processes, we support you in exploring how to prepare:

  • Applications that clearly respond to requirements and increase your chances of being considered for the next phase of a competitive process;
  • For written exams;
  • For formal and informal interviews including: Identifying knowledge requirements and integrating them into a compelling vision;
  • Telling insightful career stories to powerfully demonstrate your experience;
  • Developing your leadership brand;
  • Taking a structured approach to answering questions;
  • Maintaining composure and thinking clearly under pressure.
  • An approach to selecting and preparing references who will provide a balanced picture of your leadership competencies.

Preparation can make the difference between coming first and second, between being a solid candidate and “bombing” the interview. Coaching alone will not help you succeed. Nor will attempting to memorize dozens of documents without a structured way of synthesizing and communicating what you know. But if you are willing to do the work to prepare and practice, our coaching will increase your chances of success.

Our coaching will not give you the answers to exam and interview questions…only you can do that. What our coaching will do is give you the tools to improve your job competition skills now and for the rest of your career.

​​​Contact us today to explore how we can help you be successful.

How do I terminate an employee?

Ending employment is a tough task, regardless if it as a result of performance, fit, undesirable behaviour, shortage of work, or any other reason. It isn’t an easy or pleasant task, but none-the-less, one that sometimes needs to be carried out.

If your other measures have not given you the results you are seeking, don’t go it alone. We can offer you the guidance and advice to do it right, do it with dignity (for all), and significantly reduce the chances of litigation or complaints filed due to legislative or legal breaches.

Just paying them 2-weeks and giving them a ROE (the most common termination “activities” I hear about), is a recipe for getting you in trouble. Let us navigate you through what is required, and also help you determine if terminating or laying-off your employee is the right thing to do at this time…there may be other options.

We can help you with process, how to have the discussion (what and what-not to say), how to treat them, and how to care for the rest of your team afterwards. We can even arrange to be there when it happens.

tap into our expertise for:

  • Expert guidance on how to prepare for and carry out the termination
  • Preparation of the required tools and documentation
  • Coaching on how to have a termination discussion
  • Being present during the termination
  • Prevention and mitigation techniques for future consideration

Need advice but your office is out of town? Tight budget and want to ensure your plan of action is the right one?

Are you a cross-border business with satellite offices in Canada and need Canadian termination advice?

We are just a phone call away with over the phone support, when you need it, with experienced experts ready to help.